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What is TagServer?

With the changes imposed by GDPR, iOS14 and third-party cookie policies, the pixel no longer sends data from the user’s browser directly to Facebook and it is necessary to implement a server that communicates with the Facebook API.

We created TagServer as the simplified integration solution, you can use our GTM Tag to send data from your website to a TagServer server created and linked with a subdomain of your website and we sent the data to the Facebook API, see how it works in practice:

Stop missing out on events and inflating your paid media costs today!

TagServer's Advantages

Easy to setup
We have our own tag in GTM
Live Integrated Test
Monitor Events Volume
Multiple Pixels
Multiple Users
Multiple Users
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Events Match Quality



30 days free
  • Unlimited Hits
  • Support


$16 / month
  • 500K events
  • Support


$160 / annually
  • 500K events monthly
  • Support


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