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Policies that prohibit third-party cookies have made Facebook Pixel inefficient, but you don’t have to spend hours reading documentations and implementing complex solutions or programming to improve your online ad results and accuracy… WE’VE DONE ALL THE HARD WORK FOR YOU!

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without having to know how to program a line of code, our solution
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More than 1 happy customers

More than


happy customers

See what they say about us:


“Super super easy! I did it by myself without knowing programming, I waited a few minutes and I already started to see the events on my facebook BM.”

BeeDigital Agency | Jonathan


“The streamlined installation process really impressed me. My CPL/CPA started to go down two weeks after the implementation.”

Finazul Financial |
Jose Carlos


“My Pixel was missing a lot of lead events due to iOS14 update. TagServer saved my campaigns and those of my clients too.”

RushAds Consultancy | 
Mike Smith

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